Viimsi Music School, Urvi Haasma

Viimsi Music School, Urvi Haasma

Thanks to the generator of the idea of the World Guitar Day Yorgos Foudoulis and World Guitar Team!

On this day we are happy to share our joy of music with our students, friends and fans.
I am, Jelena Ossipova, active as concert musician and guitar teacher from Estonia.
In the concert will be performed jewels of Estonian and world guitar music. This musical feast will show how great guitar sounds as solo, guitar ensembles as well as combined with other instruments such as flute and Estonian folk instrument chromatic cannel.

Many thanks to Urvi Haasma and Viimsi Music School for the great support of our event.


Jelena Ossipova (guitar)
Kristjan Tamm (guitar)
Oksana Sinkova (flute)
Laura Lindpere (chromatic cannel)

Guitar students from Viimsi Music School:

Zlata Smelova
Oliver Saluveer
Liron Jakob Kozlovski
Madis Keskrand
Mattias Ilp
Sebastien Ojaperv


You can enjoj our concert via Viimsi Music School page of Facebook:,

Jelena Ossipova