The second flag of World Guitar Day!

What symbolizes: The brown color symbolizes the color of wood of the guitar. Also symbolizes the high prestige and reliability.The yellow color symbolizes that the idea of World Guitar Day [...]

The first flag of World Guitar Day!

What symbolizes: The black color symbolizes the black days of quarantine and the people misery. The green color symbolizes the idea that was born about of World Guitar Day and [...]

Giorgos Tabakis

Congratulations to Yorgos Foudoulis and all the team & participants for this great opportunity to celebrate the instrument of our heart, the guitar! I d like to participate with this [...]

Faton Music School Thanks for World Guitar Day Rizakustik

Olaru Inge

Mă simt onorată să particip la Ziua Mondială a chitarei . Mulțumesc domnului profesor Yorgos Foudoulis și World Guitar Day! Olaru Inge

Viimsi Music School, Urvi Haasma

Thanks to the generator of the idea of the World Guitar Day Yorgos Foudoulis and World Guitar Team! On this day we are happy to share our joy of music [...]

Zambrawer Ensamble

Thank you for your excellent organization. We are honores to be part of this beautiful event. Greetings, Zambrawer Ensamble René Zambrano

Terceto Axolotl María Mayté Serralde